04 Aug 2020

Why Wordpress Is Not Suitable For Large websites!

Wordpress is considered as one of the most popular open source Content Management Systems as it supports over 60 million websites and 35% of the web world. It is a power-packed solution using PHP and MySQL consisting of varied templates and plug-ins.

Google trends show that websites and platforms running on Wordpress Programming get more searches and clicks than other CMS systems. As an open-source platform, WordPress has an impressive community of over 371 million users and 4.1 billion pages each month. WordPress is highly scalable and  for a majority of businesses.

WordPress caters to sites of all scales and industries whether they are small business websites, larger or giant business websites. As a business example, Vab Media likes to reference our own website. Take a look at the Vab Media website, our portfolio and the websites we service. Our clients, such as Van Heusen, are using the same developing method to promote their products.

Myth - WordPress performance goes down when too many users visit the website or the platform and when there are a large amount of database queries such as hosting your site on private servers, resolving security and performance issues.

Truth- For bigger companies, it is a must to have best in class security and high-speed. Availing paid services from site makers such as GoDaddy doesn’t turn out to be a feasible option for Fortune 500 companies or any other large companies as a matter of fact. If your website needs speed, unlimited bandwidth, storage, and security you must go forward with private hosting to eliminate technical and functional problems. For this last December WordPress.com VIP, Automattic’s service (Techcrunch host’s their site with VIP) launched WordPress.com for larger enterprises that is a more affordable version of the VIP.

The bigger and heavier the website the more plug-ins you need to install , the more the plug-ins the slower will be the website when you use wordpress programming, also many a times the system is not compatible with third party plug-ins and installations in this case you might have to hire experts and spend heavy amounts to make your website work.

Wordpress enables basic level optimisation even though it is known to be SEO friendly. So, in order to boost your website, extra plug-ins supporting SEO need to be installed, which will in-turn reduce performance of the website. Also, a common problem with the programming is that it messes up the site-map due to the categorisation system and special tagging that creates duplicates, to resolve this issue you might have to hire technicians for the tiny bugs created in the programming resorting to these issues. 

So for huge companies with tons of visits, there is no need to worry, you can scale your traffic on cloud hosting, that will deliver 100 million page views per day.

“ Wordpress is a flexible and adaptable, user-friendly content management system with multiple extensions, plug-ins and high functionality. So, if you are in for artistic and creative websites, wordpress is the programming to go for!