04 Aug 2020

An Introduction To Android Instant Apps

In today’s world of digitalisation and technological advancement , we all know what applications or as we call them, ‘apps’ are!  

And android is one of the most popular operating systems in smartphones. Android has its own one-of-a-kind app store, having one of the largest collections of applications.

Earlier in order to use an app for once or just to check out one single factor, the user had to download the entire application and then uninstall it, this is a very time-consuming and memory consuming process. As a blessing in disguise Google has come up with a next gen app development called Android Instant Apps in its I/O developers conference in 2016. 

By now you might be wondering what are Android Instant Apps and how do they work?

Android Instant Apps are basic software of the native application, allowing users to test out the part of the application they are interested in, without an actual need of installing the app. The best part is these native apps run just like the local app with containers to the hardware of the device. 

In order to avail an instant app the user just needs to go to the settings menu in Google play store, click on google play instant and enable the upgrade web links feature to get into the amazing instant app world.

There are no significant technical or programming limitations in instant apps, the developer can allow the user to a portion of the application and lock the rest of the application, in order to access the locked part , the user will have to download the full version, this can be a drawback from the user’s perspective.

There is a very negligible difference between the loaded app and the instant app, the instant app launches just like any normal app, giving a similar experience, but the difference is that an instant app will have a link to download the full- version of the running instant app at the top of the screen. Also, the address bar will disappear once you enter an instant application. 

Instant apps are particularly resourceful for e-Commerce organisations and game developers. They are also used in cases of one-time apps, where users require instant and highly temporary access such as entry scanning, checking out or even parking payment.

Instant apps have worked a great deal amongst developers. Here are a few popular instant apps you can try out:

  • Buzzfeed News

  • Redbull TV

  • Hollar

  • Skyscanner

  • Dotloop


Due to the increae in the demand for different applications catering to the different sectors of an economy , the scope and usability of instant apps in on the rise to cater to the ever rising users and downloaders of these apps and also the expansion of the developer community.

“ According to Android-” Android Instant applications give you all the know-how to immersive and high-performance applications with a powerful layout, innovative designs and clean seamless animations without any requirement of downloading the entire loaded application.