17 Feb 2020

Android Instant App

Installing an entire app is a time-consuming and painful process sometimes. It meant you won’t be downloading and installing unnecessary apps that you will only use once.

For example, if you want to watch the video from the link then that’s the not right deal to download the entire app to watch just one video or if you want to pay for your parking but you don’t want to download the parking app for the one time you plan to park your car there. So, to overcome these types of problems google announced most interesting thing called in app development which is Android Instant Apps at it’s I/O developer conference 2016.

So , obviously we have a question in a mind that What is an android instant app ?, How they work? etc.

What is Android Instant Apps and How they work?

According to the Android blog post “

Android Instant Application gives you to know-how attractive and immersive applications, with substantial design and smooth animations, deprived of installing them on your device”.

“ In line with the android, weblog publish android immediately gives you to know-how smart and immersive apps, with the tremendous layout and clean animations, rundown of installing them on your device."