Application Migration


Oceans Technologies has devoted teams that specialize in application migration strategies and possess sufficient technical expertise and experience that would provide your business a brink in the application migration process. Our expert team helps your business to reduce risks that arise while making a transition from legacy applications to new technologies/platforms. We have plans in place to reduce any unforeseen complexities that arise while phasing your legacy systems. We have a framework and a sustainable methodology in place to migrate all types of legacy applications.

Our Focus In Application Migration Services

Oceans Technologies has been aiding all types of enterprises to scale-up to newer technologies using a viable application migration approach. Our methodologies have been designed, using the experience obtained after migrating several complex and mission-critical applications to newer and advanced platforms. Our application migration services include:

  • Application Migration and Modernization
  • WebSphere Application Server Migration
  • Migrating to Cloud Platform
  • ASP.Net Application Migration to Windows Azure
  • Java / J2EE Application Migration
  • Application Migration and Porting

Approach For Application Migration

Oceans Technologies follow a well-defined and organized approach. Our well-planned approach helps business enterprises to meet their application transition objectives, which are critical to the achievement of their business goals.

cloud migration

Major Actions:


We in-depth assess your existing systems to make sure all important feature is factored before we begin the application migration process for any of your business systems. This includes application portfolio analysis, effort estimation based on application portfolio analysis, and identify migration issues and document all important activities.


This plays a key role in an application migration strategy, as it is an important component for selecting and deploying a new enterprise system. In this stage, we clarify a broad migration strategy, different views of TO-BE architecture, perform POCs, code migration steps, and a test strategy.


Migration is a centralized role in any application migration process, as it is the core impartial of the project plan. We keep in view all your business requirements and challenges in view while performing the migration activity. We execute Develop / Migrate source code, rewrite migrated code, develop unit tests, perform migration steps, build deployment artifacts, and including scripts etc in this stage.


This is the final stage of Oceans Technologies application migration approach, it is the stage where your new system is configured and implemented to meet your IT objectives. Performance monitoring plays a crucial role in this stage, we undertake the activities like build and Deploy, perform Rigorous tests, and certify your system in this stage.

What We Do


Whether the need is focused on a single application, a group of applications or an entire portfolio, Oceans Technologies has the delivery solutions capability to help you migrate and/or modernize applications to be cloud-ready, replace with SaaS/PaaS or build new cloud native applications.

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