Xamarin App Development

C# is one of the best languages used to build cross-platform (iOS/Androids /Windows) mobile app development for all the platforms. And Xamarin is unique in a way which allows one to develop an app in C#, class library and run-time, that works across all platforms ie. Android, iOS and Windows. Using Xamarin and C#, native applications can be compiled that work well enough even for demanding games.

Build Better Apps with Xamarin

Share code across all platforms: Make apps for platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and Mac with a single, shared C# codebase.

C# is the best language for mobile app development: The entire app is written in the C# and the code can be shared on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and more.

Native UI, native API access & native performance: The apps made in Xamarin focus on using the standard native User Interface for a better User Experience.

Why build mobile apps with Xamarin?

  Apps developed with Native User Interface

  Low maintenance costs

  C# is the only language used in Xamarin

  Automatic testing of apps

  Fast development and fast time-to-market

  Visual Studio IDE – Xamarin apps can be developed using Visual Studio as well

  Secure and scalable backend

  Easy code maintenance

  Fewer bugs

  Future centric apps for wearables

  Cloud integrations – cloud integrations are possible with Xamarin

  .Net class libraries with a deep integration with Visual Studio

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